Thursday, January 13, 2005

An Explanation

Within a span of 3 days, a bunch of my friends began blogs and being the 1. Exhibitionist 2. Ranter 3. Blind Sheep that I am, I had to jump onto this bandwagon.

So before homeland security goes through the internet and thinks that this blog is set up by some detainee in Gitmo or the Chinese version in Siberia (or is that Russia...where do the Chinese put their angry political prisioners?), trying to make Americans sympathetic to my un-natural communist or otherwise cause...sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Rumsfeld. But how about becomming sympathetic to my cause.

My life for the last few months has been living in my own personal Gitmo, strapped to a guerney where the powers that be use Chinese water torture to make me submit/tear my intelligence down.

But what is sick is reading my friends post, they all have something in common, this need to vent about a quater-life crisis of sorts. We all have the same complaints, asked to do meanial tasks, to kiss the ass of someone who we have no respect for. You know how the old adage goes "College is the best years of your life?" Well no shit. And if you think about humanbeings we are social creatures. We needed to be social for the survival of our species, so you had extended families taking care of each others children, people working together to put food on the table. Your family was your safety net. College is quite similar, in order to navigate the trenches of being on your own for the first time, you form these social groups that mimic familial ties...some over zealous students even get a pet...and you know that after the first week you are asking your friends to help you take care of/hide it from res life. However, once we get into the "real world" a world that in fact did not exist 100 yrs ago...we are no longer allowed to live in social sphere that we humans thrive upon. No instead we pay a shit load of money for this tiny apt where you cram as many people in to make your rent cheaper, I think we are renting out our bathtub for $600 a month, prime Greenwich Village location. Work long hours where we live in cubicles or if we do get an opportunity to be somewhat social (in HR called being a team player) it is with people who you dont like and all you can do is speak in netral HR speak so they dont figure out just how much you hate them.

Extended familial ties? Good friends?? Not when you are in your 20's and single in NYC. My bestest friends live all over the country (fine DC/VA most of them and one in London) and my life in NYC consists of going to the gym on occasion, and going out partying (which really consists of me getting pissed drunk, embarassing myself, and then dancing on a table top/bar somewhere until I sober up enough to realize that I should be in a taxi) my life as this distraction.


At 8:17 AM, Blogger katie said...

Righto, Shan. The fact is, if society allowed us all the comforts of college, post-graduation, we wouldn't be nearly as productive. We wouldn't care half as much about getting to work on time, or making that deadline, much less being promoted (aside from the fact that promotions usually involve having more money to spend on alcohol and travel). Separating people who want to be together is the glue that holds this uber-consumer/uber-capitalist society together. It divides us, and indeed it conquers us. Commune anyone?

At 8:19 AM, Blogger Shandoll said...

I agree Katie, but isnt that fucked up how the glue to our very society is mutual misery?!!

At 1:01 PM, Blogger Corinne said...

i don't want to sound like the utopian in this group (Voltaire anyone) but truth is, in an optimistic light, it is not impossible to get those things we do want. If we do give up all those things that human ambition drive us to aquire and create this divide-and-conquer mentality of a social structure, we do get back those things we miss and love.

But frankly a lot of it is self inflicted. It was our ambition that drove us to move to large cities thousands of miles or even hundred of miles away from home, our sense of curiousity. If a society didn't permit that, or didn't encourage it (hmm communist china 30 years ago) we would WANT it. Uncorrigable Human Flaw. How can we change this? i don't think we can.

now obviously my comments apply on a level where our choice matters, if we were trabajadors de maquilladoras, its a whole different problem, and it also becomes our guilt, those of us creating and perpetuating this system that renders us miserable for selfish reasons, and renders them impoverished and in dangerous careers.

oh god. no solution... ski bum anyone



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