Monday, August 07, 2006

Weddings: Another one bites the dust

After four days of gluttony with food, drink, and emotional stimulation my body and mind is hungover, and I am left on my couch not knowing what to do left with this void as I came back to my reality.

I had a salad for dinner, to make up for the four cookies, burrito, ice cream, and other crap I consumed over the weekend. It just took me forty-five minutes to drink my micro-beer that I smuggled back to NYC—God Bless Holyoke Dam Ale. And, the only thing that will be sharing my bed with me tonight is my teddy bear Harry. After a weekend of excess, I am feeling empty.

I miss my wifey.

I miss Pax.

I miss waking up and seeing the mountains of Western MA.

But I don’t miss feeling like shit and not being able to fit into my jeans.

You know, this healthy living kick of no booze, no ciggs, fresh food and lotsa exercise makes it just that apparent what a toll all that shit takes on you. I think I gained like ten pounds over the course of a few days, can’t breathe as well because of the ciggs consumed, and my body feels like crap right now, as I sit on my couch in my new apartment. This past morning, I spent two hours resigned to the bathroom, apologizing to my body as I struggled with at first constipation, and then later a bad case of diarrhea.

What is it when I get together with my old friends and their fabulous husbands (yes Brent, sorry I’ve become boring), that I revert back to the same behavior that really isn’t good for me? Is it knowing that I have the permission since I’ve done it before with them? Or perhaps I want to see whether it is still in me?

We were all in bed by midnight, asleep in our beds at the hotel. We even skipped out on the after party we had planed at MoHo on the green with our Asti fake champagne. Instead we swapped Pepto Bismal stories and wished each other a good night.

I am getting fucking old.

Especially taking into account my new procrastination hobby: planning my future wedding. Keep in mind that I have no idea where my groom may be hiding. But I am now a registered member of the knot, and have narrowed down the site of my wedding to either Maine or Western MA during the fall.


At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Was it four days of gluttony or boring old farts in bed by midnight?


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