Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Baptized Jew's Response

So it has been all over the news, Prince Harry dressed up as a Nazi Soldier. Sounds like the drugs he's been doing finally caught up with him. I mean in the pic he was shown holding a cigg and a drink so we know that he isnt a teetoler...

So being the token Jew out of my friends, obviously they come to me for leadership and advice how to take this. Was it politically correct to laugh? I mean, how many royals would be dumb enough to do such a PR faux pas, especially since he is blond haired and blue eyes (you know if he had dark curly hair he may be able to claim the oh so "I am part of that minority group so I can make fun of them" syndrom)...or should we shake our heads and demand that he tours a death camp to see that this was no laughing matter and make him *gasp!* meet a real live Jew. (I am sorry but I cant see the kids at Eaton dancing to klezmer music eating latkas)

Taking into account that I read the Jewish Week while watching Pat Robinson's 700 Club, glorifying the life and love that is Jesus Christ...and I WAS BAPTIZED I feel that I am hardly the person to speak up for "my people". Do I even have people? But since my friends have asked, I have written a statement on behalf of the Jewish Community:

"Prince Harry, not a smart move. If I were you, I would make like 90% of Hollywood stars and blame my poor judgement/asshole act on drugs. Also, know that every single Yeshiva girl/Jewish woman in NYC has taken down your picture and replaced it with John Stewart's. So thinking this through, thank you for being an asshole because now you have stoped a generation of women from intermarrying. Shalom."


At 8:01 AM, Blogger Corinne said...

oh thank god. i couldn't keep going without knowing what the Jewish Community thought of this outrage.

My slowly expanding crush on sexy royal no 2 has now been curtailed. I will stick to his taller, blonder, aryan and slightly balding older brother. poor drugged-out-rich-beyond-belief-privileged-up-to-their-eyeball-royals, they are so lost.. like a little sheep in the maelstrom of a crass, ruthless, violent, and yes sometimes jewish world. has no one bothered to warn them?


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