Friday, December 30, 2005

Vacation shortened and Northwest can go suck it

I am in Boise airport waiting for my flight--the only redeeming point about this airport is free wireless.

Northwest airlines in Boise, shame on you for telling me my bag was 4 pounds over the limit and making me sift through my bag in front of everyone to remove the offending 4 pounds. Or I could have paid you an additional $25...I would rather Boise see my dirty underwear than to give you guys any more of my money.

Fuck you Boise airport for having tighter security than London Heathrow and the New York airports...yes, the condoms in my bag are a fucking security risk.

Northwest, again I am in awe of how you treat your passengers by telling us "in Minneapois 30 mins is legal time to make the connection." Well with a delay leaving me with 31 minutes to make my connection, I am eager to see how a plane filled with 30 min connections will go. Disembarking will be a fucking trip.

Thank you Sun Valley Transport service or making me wait 2 hours for the bus, a trecherous 3 hours drive where I thought I was going to die several times, anfd telling me that you didn't have my credit card information.

And lastly, to the frustration of ending your vacation early because of a sick relative who you should have visited more often but recovery from hangovers, friends in town, and everything else that leaves me paralyzed during the weekends "prevented" me from doing.

I just want to be back a top of the mountain drunkenly snowboarding down and being reminded what happiness is like.

I want a hug right now.


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At 1:20 AM, Blogger Corinne said...

oh god was your stay that awful. well i hate the fact that nyc is sooo far away, that you had to take 3 of the 5 days to sv for travel, that we only did drunk skiing one day and no cross country. but i did love having you here, and thanks for putting up with my grumpy dad, my sick mother and me!
(another 'UGE HUG)


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