Wednesday, May 17, 2006

You know it's bad...

When I have to use the same joke consecutively...sorry. You guys come to my site to make yourselves feel better. Not to read the same joke over and over...Like a Bob Hope wannabe on a Cruise Ship for senior citizen's. Early bird special included!

Nothing you do could be as bad as the train wreck that is my life. And that is my responsibility to the readership to keep you entertained with shit that you would never do yourself. All five of you, readers!

Last night I sat down to write Part II of my London saga and *poof*, I had the worst case of writers block. Granted it was food coma induced but still-- it's never been that much of a problem for me before. So I sat in bed with my teddy bear Harry III (Harry I I left in Bangladesh with some children, Harry II is at my parent's house and Harry III is in my bed at my apt) and watched the Simpsons, read some of my book, and fell asleep before midnight.

It's something that I have noticed about my own writing process, I need to be close to an event in order to truly capture it's essence. Very unlike Hemingway, in "A Movable Feast" he describes his writing process and explains how he needs to be far away from an event in order to capture it. I am completely the opposite. I need to be in the moment and write my feelings without time acting as a mediator. You know our memories are really just an interpretation of events through our own subjectivity, right?

My London story I was too far away from the event. My memories and the constant rehashing have tarnished my ability to tell the story in writing. I'm going to try, but I am warning you, it may not be as funny as the irony should lend itself to be in this case.

Anyway, my respite is over. I needed to think outloud after being on the phone negotiating rates all day.

After work run and drinking myself silly. Well, if I am not too tired to go out.


At 9:26 PM, Blogger J.Green said...

Can I be reader number 6?

At 12:46 AM, Anonymous Martin said...

Some jokes are still funny the second time hahaha. Le sigh, I missed your blog biatch.

- Martin


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