Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Far more interesting when I am depressed

Isn't that fucking sad? I only find my creative voice when I am sad, drunk, and pissed off at the world. Maybe I should think about my salary, that always gets me sad, drunk and pissed off at the world.

I was re-reading the shit that I wrote months ago, at the height of my mini-seasonal induced depression and it was good. Raw, entertaining, unapologetic...and then the sun comes out in NYC, I finish up my GREs and hop the pond for a meet up of friends. And now I am fishing for something to write about. I wouldnt say that I am happy because way too much is up in the air CU app, job is sucking and will suck even more very shortly, John John up in the air about France this summer...So where is the writers bloc comming from?

Positives in my life: am not drinking as much (London and my 16 hour drinking session and evidently flashing Gloucester rd doesnt count since I do not remember it and the breaking of so many champagne glasses acting like I was rehearsing my Jewish wedding doesnt count either), am cuttign ties with the personal trainer in an effort to reclaim fiscal responsibility, finding God (going to God's waiting room aka Ft. Lauderdale Florida for Pesach) and reconnecting with old friends that the summers in NYC are so conducive to.


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