Friday, June 17, 2005


Went out again, got drunk again, came home and crashed in my bed, yet again the other night.

That morning as I awoke, I was about to stumble out of my bed wearing just my panties but then realized that although my roomate and I have a very good relationship, she does not need to see my enormous breasts. But don't worry, I gave the people who live accross the way a great view since I do not have curtains on my window. It is my duty to provide entertainment to the other residencies.

But let's think about that for a sec. You know, someone catches you watching them/them watching you...both people turn away and fiend embarassness. What I find completely entertaining is when I am getting ready to take my shower and I am walking around the apt semi-naked...and I see people directly across the courtyard, making breakfast in their tiny apt...AND THE ACT LIKE THEY DO NOT SEE ME! Hold on. Why dont we act more honest with each other? Come on, if privacy was such an issue for me (I am not an exhibitionist...just more lazy/cheap) don't you think I would have put up a curtain?! And for the person peeking have every right. If I was walking naked on the street you would have no issue watching. And the court system has proven to us over and over again that if something is in plain view (even if you are in the privacy of your own home) it is not considered private.


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