Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The end is almost near

A few points to bring you up to speed:

1. Oxford app is in!!! I rocked the app with the exception of my second written sample. It was a last minute botch job however, I think I am going to arrange an interview with the school and convince them that I am soo cool. Much love to D for acting as my editor-in-chief. And her for acting as my deputy editor. C, you rock too for being my sound board and convincing me that I am smart enough to apply, despite what some person may have told me on Saturday night. 1 down, 2 more to go.

2. This leaves me motherfuckingly exhausted hence, no funny post tonight. Tomorrow I write about embarassing celeb run in #2 in the last two months, stay tuned and refer it to gawker. I promise it will be worthy, and I'll share the name this time.

3. Thanks readers for the overwhelming support, emails and comments. I decided not to post them because it is a senstive subject. She knows she fucked up. I don't think it is apropos for her to read that complete strangers also agree. But they were definately appreciated. Also, thanks friends for acting as a soundboard, there is a lot of shit to process and I needed someone to listen.

4. Tomorrow I go back to writing about my crazy fucked up some what intoxicated life. The posting begins again. Thanks for hanging in there and still reading when I was just whining about grad apps, although Sunday's drama hopefully made up for it. I mean, how often does that happen.

Ok, off for a much deserved nap, after 3 days without sleep just call me Rip Van Winkle.


At 2:52 PM, Blogger AWE said...

You had me worried there. You are letting this shit build up to much. Like you said 1 down 2 to go, keep going you will make it to the finish line.


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