Monday, January 31, 2005

I am that type of girl

So it happened again, got drunk off my ass, partied hard, and wound up with several phone #s in my phone and fond memories of hott make-outs on numerous dance floors with numerous men with varrying sexual preferences. Shit, I hope that my boss isn't reading this...Well , now he knows my secret life, not like I pretned to be anything else...But I think (hope) he gave up on reading my blog...especially after reading about me going home with some guy and vomming on his bed.

I need to begin to get into the habit of taking the person's pic when I take down their # because now I have a boy texting me, and all I remember of him is how incredibly well dressed and what a hot make-out partner he was. I think he was hott, but I dont know if it was the 6 cosmos that I had or if it was him. Why isnt that second nature, one would think with the advent of the camera phone that not remembering what that person looks like would be a thing of the past...

Trying to get a grasp of the night, I tried to look through my texts and #'s dialed throughout the night and found a very colorful text that I texted this guy, telling him how I wanted to "fuck him this week". No wonder why he is texting me the next day.

But what would happen if he is like a decent good/bfriend material guy?? I am avoiding his phone calls and texting because I do not want to directly confront what I may have said/done...Like what do you say? "I am not normally that type of girl." Bullshit, because if I did it last night with him, what's to say that I havent done that before?? And who am I kidding, I am a kissing slut when I go out...making out with a bunch of randominos, having harmless fun. So what do I tell him? When I am drunk off my ass I am a wild woman and when I am sober you can find me being sociall awkward, wearing sweatshirts and ponytails, while carrying a piece of esoteric literature?!

Sometimes it is just so much easier having faux quasi-one-night hookups/hott dance floor make-outs than dealing with the dispointment that occurs when you realize just what you did the night before and sometimes, what is worse...who it was with. At least if it is just for the night, you have fond memories, a hott story to masterbate to, and material to laugh at for the rest of the week.

What does a girl like me do?

Funny story of the night, John John vomming all over NYC and the people in 7A thought that he died. He was just vomming for 25 mins straight.


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