Saturday, June 10, 2006

Another reason why I should be a hypochondriac

I was making copies of a presentation and my eye felt like I got something stuck in it. I washed it out, thinking that a paper shred accidently found its way into my eye but I would eventually blink out the foreign body.

It still didn't feel better, but I had an eye brow threading appointment that I needed to keep because my eye brows have been looking a bit too Brooke Shields lately.

My eye still stung, but I was so far into denial, that I thought the paper shred in my eye feeling had to be allergies.

However, by 8pm, when I looked into the mirror, I saw a pink band around my left eye, making me look like a Jem doll. It's puffy, watery, and feels like my eye is trying to give birth to something. I want to help scratch it out. And then I think:

Yesterday my roomie was showing me her pink, puffy, watery eye. And pink eye is highly highly contagious.

I go to the offical website of hypochondriacs, WebMD, and my fears are confirmed. I have all of the symptoms.

Guess where I am spending my Saturday afternoon instead of going to my hair appt and rollerblading in Central Park with hot old boss?? My day is fucked because of the plague that is taking place in my eye. I mean, isn't this the disease of five year olds?!?

Moral of the story: I need health insurance because I am chronically having something happen to me. Memorial Day I needed a tetnus shot. Today is a field trip to the doctor for eye drops. I should bring roomie in tow.

Fuck, as I write this, the right eye is feeling scratchy.

Also, if anyone wants to pass through the village and help me put the drops in my eye, please help me. Last time I had pink eye, I was 4 and my mom had to hold me down with her knees as one hand held my arms as she put the drops into my eyes as I screamed for dear life.

I promise to be mildly better behaved. You know, I am 24 now.


At 5:51 AM, Blogger denise said...

Safety first. My daughter was 4 when she had pink eye from playschool. The freaking meds gave her an allergic reaction. Beware my internet friend. If your meds are called Chloroptic (sp) and you break out into rash, it's not for you. Go hither quickly to emergency and alert them. Otherwise, fuck, what do I know??? 20 something days and you can cure anything with the booze (wow- that's me being an enabler, sorry.)



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