Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The real reason why I am single

Ok, so the responses to my faux Craigslist Casual Encounter....

Some of them are hot.

Some of them I would actually date.

But they are responding to an ad called [haven't you figured it out yet?!]

Men in this city suck, well actually lick.

But seriously, this is why I am single. The hot boys are responding to CL looking for a girl on casual encounters.

I've had it. I am a lesbian.


At 2:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohh no don't do that. B will not be happy to hear u have switched teams. tho maybe he won't--lol. not all men are bad, really. shit did that just come out of my mouth. no u are right fuck'em they suck donkey dick. but i just can't bring myself to like pussy--lmfao. i will just masturbate!!!

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Bollux said...

It is true we are all not bad, just a good portion of us are which in turns gives the few and far between good ones a bad name. You just have to weed out the bad ones and be open to find the good one. But then its a catch 22. If he is good, he is usually too good. The phrase good guys finish last exists for a reason. Don't become a lesbian as women can be just as bad at times. And as for men in this city licking....I seriously doubt you would be complaining if he was a good guy and licking. =p

At 11:56 AM, Blogger nikkos said...

I'm more shocked that you found a few guys you would actually date in the CL Casual Encounters than that your queries were met with perversion of all stripes.

Anyways, it was a Monday night, right? How come the hot girls (you) can have fun on CL Casual Encounters but the hot boys can't? Oh yeah, you were just having "fun," you weren't serious, right? Riiiight.


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